Mission Statement

Hodges Window and Glass is committed to quality, service, value and honesty to all. We are dedicated to providing the very best products in the glass industry and to serve the greater community dependably. Our organization believes in friendship, family and honesty, and will strive to strengthen all three in our employees, customers and business peers. We always strive to nurture trust and reputation in all business relationships.

We are not affiliated with a similar company that opened in the past few years.  This company has obviously positioned itself so close to John Hodges's business for a reason, most likely
due to John's outstanding reputation!       

UPDATE 10/3/19  Be aware of this situation so you know your dealing with John Hodges, Hodges Window and Glass, In one week we had 2 customers call to let us know that another window company came to their home and when ask if they were Hodges Window and Glass they said yes this is a similar company claiming to be me, John Hodges (per our customers). UNBELIEVABLE !!!!  WE APPRECIATE ALL OUR CUSTOMERS THAT LET US KNOW THIS happened, GOD SHOWS YOU THE TRUTH.